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Lightning Post :D

ASFDGJK;AH;J I never realized that one of my yabbies (for those who don't know, they're kind of like small Australian lobsters) was female - and pregnant, for that matter - until I walked by the tank last night and it was full of teeny tiny yabbies swimming around <333 They're so tiny and cute asfjkg; I just had to share a photo or two with you all...

One of the super tiny yabbies on my finger :D Please ignore the crap quality photography (our family digital camera is made of shit) and the fact that I name my yabbies after Katekyo Hitman Reborn characters...

My older brother's yabby is actually pregnant and our family's been taking care of her on his behalf for a few weeks, so with a majority of our focus directed there we never actually realized that one of my own two yabbies was going to have lots of little fingerlings of her own. It's made of so much fail on my part because I named my two yabbies Tsuna and Xanxus >____< when I first got them I thought they were both male. (No, I'm not an X27 shipper, but the smaller yabby was a bit mild and shy and the bigger one was fairly darker in color and kind of bold-looking - hence the names). Lol it's too late to rename them now.

That's Xanxus, my bigger and blacker yabby, coming out of hiding... Tsuna kind of likes to hide inside the hollow rocks that we put into their tank and thus won't be seen much. My parents and I are fairly sure (though not 100% sure; more like 90% sure) that the babies are Tsuna's no Uke!Tsuna jokes please XD because their colors match - Xanxus looks pretty different. Although this incident has now put Xanxus' gender into question too, since this has obviously proven my inability and my family's inability to identify ~_~

It was amazing, there must have been at least 50 to 100 miniscule yabbies swimming around in the tank... yes, we counted ♥ here's to hoping that we'll successfully nurture them to growth and survival.

This must have been a totally useless post - sorry - but I was too delighted not to share XD

~ Harmony

EDIT: To anyone on our flist who's entering the shuukira contest - I hope things are rolling well, how are you all going with your entries? :)

EDIT 2: While I'm at it, I thought I'd share a sneak peek of my really-slow-but-kind-of-getting-there progress with making my Katekyo Hitman Reborn trident, for anyone who's interested in our upcoming cosplay...

I'm sure it's not very good but I hope you can forgive me, it's my first time making a cosplay weapon ~

I hope to see many of you at Animania next week!!
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