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Selling Post :D

Since I still have so much stock left over from SMASH!, I thought I'd give it a go at trying to sell them online.

The badges are 35mm in diameter. The bookmarks are 40mm x 150mm, one-sided and plastic-covered on both sides for durability. Prints are all high-resolution on 300gsm paper. Magnets are 80mm x 55mm and have metal plating.

I will try to ship as soon as possible (most likely next day), however if there are delays I'll keep you informed.

If you're interested, please comment on what you'd like, and leave your email address so I can contact you!

Or contact me at:

35mm Badges/Buttons: AU/US$3 each; AU/US$4 for 2; AU/US$9 for 5.
Bookmarks: AU/US$2 each; AU/US$10 for a set.
Magnets: AU/US$3 each.
A4 Prints: AU/US$3 each.

There is an additional AU$2 shipping fee for purchases in Australia; an additional US$5 shipping fee for overseas purchases (also including Paypal fees).

I accept bank transfer for Australian buyers, and Paypal for everyone else :D








A4 Prints

Chrome | Renji | Sailor Moon (by Chibi) | Allen Walker

Any questions? Please let me know ^_^

~ Silver
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