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SMASH! Con Report

Wah, it was a long day, but a very enjoyable one at the SMASH! convention. Our main objective was to sell self-made animanga merchandise, but we cosplayed as well, to attract customers XD (most cosplay photos of us are at the bottom of this entry!)

After getting nearly zero hours' worth of sleep the previous night, the two of us and Meeko woke up at 7am to get ready, so we can arrive at the convention at 9am. Being us though, we still managed to be late by 15 mins. However when we hurriedly rushed up Anzac Parade and towards the Roundhouse, we saw that the line for the entry was already building up, despite doors opening at 9:45am. Crazy! We felt a little dorky in our Death Note cosplay costumes, walking past them with a suitcase, a board display and a huge Myer bag (containing display stands).

At our table, we quickly set up, and was lucky to have the super nice and super cool Kurimja as our neighbour ^_^

Our stall! Your Harmony and Silver are being all IC.

Pin badges.

Hand-made One Piece plushie badges ^.^

While we were setting up (as well as shortly afterwards), we were also visited by ceestar, theprerogative, glorfindel, ravient, souseki_naora, tsubakichan, cattypatra and sunset_swish (and we also met nerdygridbug later on in the day! ♥). Although all of us didn't get to chat much (I guess we were all busy with our respective jobs at the con), it was awesome to meet and talk to you guys.

Pretty soon, doors opened and people started filing in. And boy, did the venue get crowded! There were some really cool cosplays, and this time it was handy as the cosplayers came to us instead of needing to walk around and chase them down for pictures.


Gin, Kyouraku and Unohana

Kenpachi and Yoruichi


Code Geass


Lelouch ... with Pizza Hut box xD

Shirley :D

Kaguya, Suzaku as Knight of Seven

C.C., Kallen, Suzaku, Nunnally



Another Chrome :D

sunset_swish as Shouichi, bubblefire as TYL Ryohei and gn004nadleeh as Byakuran

Another Byakuran and TYL Mukuro


Prince of Tennis

The Inui who insists that he's supposed to be Tezuka xD

Kikumaru Eiji!! This cosplayer was so cute :D :D
She was even bouncing around and saying "nya" and "hoi hoi" and everything ♥

Left to right: souseki_naora as Kabaji, Yuushi, Atobe, Gakuto, and ravient as Shishido


Another L, Light, Ryuk and Misa from Death Note. They passed our stall several times ~


Kakashi ...? He has a cute dog on his head ^_^

Lili from Tekken DR

tsubakichan as Maka from Soul Eater and cattypatra as Cloud from FF
(Thanks planeswalkerlx and ravient!)

Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon

Ash from Pokemon

Mudkip and ... another Pokemon (sorry!)

aaaand ...

rayfy, dressed as himself, who was our unfortunate slave of the day, getting us food and drinks. Thank you so much!!!

As the day wore on, we managed to slip away from our table a few times to check out other stores and such, and make a few purchases of our own :D Eventually, as the cosplay comp finished and the crowds died down a bit, we decided to take a few random pictures of ourselves. Beware of dorkiness 8D

Our Cosplay!

Meeko as Misa Misa, Harmony as Yagami Light and Silver as L :)

In our 'standard' pose. Picture taken by bubby

Reading yaoi doujinshi 8D. Picture taken by ravient.


"Come! Join the investigation!"

Our failed attempt at doing this.

Misa and a very unwilling Light. Really, he likes L.

Um, yes.

Stuff that Silver bought on the day =D Harmony the cheap-ass didn't buy anything.

So after the cosplay results were announced, we decided to start packing up.

Thanks to everyone who came and visited the stall, and said hello, asked us for a picture, posed for a picture, grabbed a business card, snagged a free candy, and bought some of our stuff! You guys are totally awesome ^_^

Also, thank you so much to theprerogative and ceestar and the girls who randomly came by our stall to give us free DN bookmarks for your wonderful gifts ^_^ We love them all so much!

The lovely gifts! ... But only Silver's share, coz Harmony didn't take a photo of hers. XO

All in all, it was a really fun day, and although we're all tired from the ordeal, we can't wait till next year :D

~ Silver and Harmony
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