Silver Harmony (silverharmony) wrote,
Silver Harmony

21st Party~

A bit late in coming, but here's my entry for my 21st b'day party ^_^ Thanks to everyone who came! You guys are beyond awesome xD

Thanks to rayfy and Chibi for the pictures!

Being me, we got the the restaurant late. But so did everyone else xD I started off setting down the place cards (personalised badges on a ribbon) while annoying the waiters to change the seating arrangements because one table had 7 seats on one side, and 9 on the other >_>

The lovely Meeko was the first to arrive, with *ahem* "Suspense".

In our frocks ^_^


They both helped me take pics and put up the decorations ^^

Not to long after, the other guests started to arrive. Including ...

@p in his Usopp wig, lookin' cool ;)

The youngest two kids in the group, acting ... well, young.

Whoa, Jacky's gettin' into the mood!

Harmony and I being Matt and Mello without our costumes. Yes.

Being Asian. We were apparently trying to do a "WOW" with our fingers and an open mouth.

The cake. (No, not you, M12)

Aaaand the snails. It looks like one had crawled out of the plate.

Some people enjoyed the snails...

Others were rather confused by them.

Overall, the snails were two thumbs up! Or did he mean the wine?

Aww, how cute ^_^

Obligatory Marmond picture :D

Marcus is obviously not interested in anyone else.

Blowin' out the candles ^_^

Yes, the knife came out dirty.

My high school chicks ;) ... or at least a few of them anyway.

And my cool uni buddies

Thanks again to everyone ^_^ You really made the celebration a memorable one! Thanks for the awesome speeches and beautiful presents, you guys really rock :D

And just very quickly, don't forget to come to SMASH! this weekend!!!

~ Silver
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