Silver Harmony (silverharmony) wrote,
Silver Harmony

G'n'H and L&L Inter-ship Unity Day

To the Guns 'n' Handcuffs shippers and the Leather Librarians: welcome!

As you all know, the sailors on both ships have agreed on a special day of inter-ship unity - just between the two ships. Our ships are unique in that, even though they can't happen in the same Universe, we're still very fond of each other and sail in SCUSA in complete harmony. Not to mention that we're two of the only few ships that hold constant serious, canon-centric discussions. So, a day of unity makes sense!

The only thing that Sandi and I have come up with so far has been to spend a day posting on each other's ships, but I was hoping for more activities. Everyone is welcome to make a suggestion - in fact, we've been brainstorming without much success so far, and we'd greatly appreciate any suggestions of more fun stuff to do.

Also, what we would love for sailors from both ships to do:

1 Introduce yourselves, and get to know people from the other ship!
(I'll start: you can call me Harmony, and the person sharing this account with me is Silver. Our FAP username is Silver Harmony. Nice meeting you all!)

2 Any suggestions for what we could call this special day of unity?

3 Any suggestions for approximately when this inter-ship unity event can take place?

4 Any suggestions for more activities, of course!

And most importantly, have fun with this, guys! I don't believe there's been anything like this between two ships on FAP before. People are going to be surprised at how well we work together, no matter whether or not our ships clash. Clear skies and smooth waters ahead... sail on!

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