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Lots of Things, Actually...

Here making an entry at 2 o'clock in the morning because I'm made of fail and can't sleep *__*

Rather Surreal

Considering I'm always so self-conscious about my own writing, I can't believe I won khr_drabble's week #2 challenge (with the Yamamoto-centric ficlet). Huh, I've never won any fic challenge before (not that I've participated in enough, though I should). It's small-scale but the other entries were great so I didn't even start thinking of the prompt that was needed from the winners for the following week.

Pretty banner made by jenniferplague, who is made of awesome. Though, asdfgjh, my fic being on it makes me kinda want to hide XD

I feel indescribably grateful, of course... I just hope that this small win will somehow help me with my persistent lack of self-confidence in my writing. <3

Still Surreal

I'm deliriously happy with shuukira's growth - we've been getting so many new members recently (and the recent spread page of epic win that the latest manga chapter gave us is making it hard for me not to do some keyboard-mashing):

I believe we are now the #1 biggest Shuuhei-pairing community on LiveJournal.

I think it'd be a bit too ambitious at this point to think that we'd ever catch up to ginkira's numbers, but being the SECOND BIGGEST Izuru-pairing LJ community is pretty damn awesome, too. 8D If there's anything the ShuuKira pairing needs, it's more love, and I'm glad that we're slowly getting it.

Just For Amusement

I might be slow, but is this seriously the Piccolo that's gonna be in the DB movie??

He looks kind of plasticine-y. Ahahaha James Marsters, ILU.

The Goku-staring-into-the-distance poster doesn't look too bad.

~ Harmony
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