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Teh Costume!

In a recent entry, my loffly Silver mentioned how I'd won a competition in a Medieval Festival for best costume. I'm very happy about that, because I never thought I'd win - especially since everyone who attended the festival (and there were a lot of people) had their names automatically entered into the contest. And although I don't have photos of the festival itself (I couldn't carry around a camera, which was a bit stupid of me), I do have photos of the dress!


This was actually the dress that I wore to my High School Prom (I'm one of those weird people who looks horrid in normal evening gowns, and besides, I'm a lover of olden-day costumes. So why not wear an olden-day costume to the prom? Makes sense). Don't be fooled by the loffly green and silver - I consider myself a total Gryffindork, but I chose these colors because I'm totally in love with that particular shade of green. One of my favorite colors is teal, after all. Although the dress does give me a Slytherin mask for a day!

I got a professional dressmaker to make it, and the whole process of gathering materials up until the dress was finished could have been a little longer than three months. And it also took a whole chunk out of my pocket money (since my parents refused to pay for it... they had insisted I wear a modern-style evening gown, but I was stubborn!).

So here you are, guys! Thanks for the recent comments and visits to our entries!

High School Prom 2004. I'm in the middle, with Silver on my left in the light blue dress, surrounded by our bootiful friends.

My older sister and I, ready to go to the festival. She was also dressed as a Medieval maiden. ^_^

Sorry about that ramble. Now, time for bed! ;D

~ Harmony

P.S. In the Medieval Costuming guidelines for the festival, they said 'avoid patterned fabric - it doesn't look medieval!' and I totally ignored this and went to the festival wearing this dress when practically 85% of the visible parts of it was patterned fabric. Now you can see why I didn't think I'd win. XD
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