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Fic And Art For Me! :D

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone in shuukira who gave me such lovely fic and art as a birthday gift. It's totally a privilege and a pleasure to be modding the comm. All the fanwork I got were so wonderful that it almost made me forget to whine about adding yet another year onto my age :P

Thank you also to everyone who gave me their kind birthday wishes. You know I love you!

And last but not least, my eternal love and unending gratitude to the awesome antha_aryn, my co-mod in the ShuuKira comm, who allegedly organized all this. I love you so much that I wish I could just come over to wherever you are and give you a ginormous glomphuggle. Where would I be without you?

Fics I Received (All ShuuKira)
You Are The Moon by antha_aryn
Wishes by theacidqueen
The One You Love The Most by chibi_zoe
Still Cute by calmingeffects
Two Different Things by liralen
Hugging Sake and Be Grey by yawns_widely
Foundation, The Start Of Friendship by shadowgirl1605
Shuuhei's Scars by stark_black
Birthday by barukode
Secret Worth Keeping by day_eight (this one wasn't necessarily part of the birthday activity that was arranged by Antha, but I gave D8 a prompt and she fulfilled it, so I thought I might put it on the list too! ♥)

Art I Received (Kira and ShuuKira)
Cheers for Kira by letainajup
Untitled by arrankaara
Untitled by ikaname
Untitled by Silver (of silverharmony)

Untitled by ravient (This is an art of Hibari from Reborn, which I'm separating here because it's a different fandom, but it's just as special :D)

My apologies if I'd missed or forgotten or haven't yet received any - just prod me and I will put them on the list ASAP :D

Also, a great Happy Birthday to Kira Izuru today - one of my two most favorite characters from Bleach! Looking at all the awesome and appropriate fanart and fanfic I got, it's a lucky thing that my birthday and his are only two days apart.

Again, thank you, everyone.

- Harmony
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