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Harmony's back :)

I'm back! Okay, so I've been back for a while - I did say it was a three-week vacation, after all - but I hadn't had much time to write up a post ^^;; sorry about that. I had a great time on my holidays; I love love love the US. I'll definitely be coming back there, lol.

I hope Silver's entertained you with her usual pretty fanart in the meantime! I'm still not up to date with lots of things on LJ (I have a few pages of bleach_news that I still have to catch up on), so if anything interesting happened while I was gone, do tell! ;)

Update on my misadventures what I've been up to:

Enjoying D.Gray-Man Omakes
Once again, we Allen/Kanda fans have been fortunately treated by the DGM animators to little OTP moments in the episode omakes. ;D You can't get more obvious with the fanservice than having Allen and Kanda pictured prominently at the very top with their faces that close together as in Episode 72 wahaha:

First day of class
So today was supposed to be the first day of classes in my Master's degree - new University, new campus, new classmates. I actually arrived half an hour early, and found the whole campus totally deserted ~_~ when I asked the security guards and cleaners whether or not classes were actually running today, they said they had no idea. After spending twenty minutes walking blindly around campus (since I was so clever and left my map at home), I found the classroom and sat there for, like, the next hour or so while a small handful of my classmates turned up. Which was good and all.

More than half an hour after our scheduled start time, the professor hadn't turned up, and we were all just sitting there feeling a bit stupid and uncomfortable (especially since it was the first day and all, and no one knew each other). We did converse, though, and confirmed that lectures were supposed to start this week, so we had no idea what was going on. About ten minutes after that, another academic staff member sauntered in and told us that she didn't think our professor was actually going to end up coming, so we all may as well go home XO

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my first day of being a postgraduate student.

Writer's block
Yeah, so as you probably noticed, I haven't been writing that much (or writing to the best of my ability) over the past few months. *Suffering from lack of motivation*. Now that classes have started and I have some cosplay costume deadlines to concentrate on (WAGH!), I'm going to have a lot less time to write, too. Unless something inspires me; if so, I can probably whip up something quick XD

If you have any fic recs (Bleach in particular) to get the cogs in my brain whirring again, or can think of some way to motivate me to write more fic, please do! I'll appreciate it very much. ♥ :D

Also, stolen from edge_chan:

- March 25 -
You are kind hearted and very friendly. You love attention, and you are always daydreaming in your own world. People gravitate towards you.
Positive Traits:
logical, intuitive, rational, responsible, perfectionist
Negative Traits:
inflexibility, paranoia, introversion, misanthropy, obsessive

'What does your Birthdate mean?' at

The positive/negative traits are quite accurate... except maybe the introversion part. XD

Great to be back! Much love to you, flist.
- Harmony
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