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Happy Valentines! 1/2 + Happy Birthday ^^

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day =)

This year I experienced my first Valentine's Day and it was much fun ^^ Thanks so much for thinking of me and taking me to places you knew I'd like. I hope I didn't bore you with all those anecdotes and my indecisiveness ... Don't eat all the lollies at once ;)

Also a biiiig Happy Birthday to Meeko, who is a star and I love her so much ^_^

And, as always, there's fanart hehe...

Title: IchiHime Be My Valentine
Artist: Silver (Silver Harmony)
Character/Pairing: Ichigo / Orihime
Rating: G
Notes: Uh ... copics and edited with photoshop. I'm still learning with copics so it's not very good. And the hair colour's almost the same because I only have one orange marker >.< Still, I hope you enjoy :)

Cross-posted to ichi_hime, bleach_het and kurosaki_clinic.

Also on deviantArt HERE
Tags: bleach, fanart
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