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Harmony here - just making the most of my last entry before I go on my three-week holiday overseas. The 14-hour flight leaves tomorrow morning, Sydney time. I hope I'll have Internet access while I'm overseas so that I can still catch up on everyone's entries...

Just three things, for now. :)

1 -> Yeah, I know this screencap is like a week late, but I can't possibly have been the only one who squeed at the blatant Allen/Kanda lovin' in episode 67's omake:

2 -> I only found out recently that my Aizen/Hinamori was recced over at Fleeting Fancies! Yay. :) For an author like me who almost has no name and is in a pretty small corner of fandom, I consider something like that a huge achievement.

3 -> Got tagged by both perviepreistess and barukode for that meme that's been going around - the "Seven Habits/Quirks/Facts About Yourself" meme. Sorry I hadn't had a chance to do it until now :/

a. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself
b. Tag seven people to do the same
c. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it"

1) It kinda sucks, but I have pretty huge insecurities about my own capabilities sometimes. It applies to almost everything I do in real life that requires some kind of skill. Even in fandom, I'm always tremendously insecure and self-conscious about my own writing. Every time someone comments with a compliment on one of my fics, I'm filled with huuuuge relief and can't stop myself from thinking, "I'm so glad that, at least, they didn't think it was crap". However...

2) There is one thing in the world that I do believe I'm good at, even when I'm not so sure that I'm good at anything else. I'm good at harmony - musical harmony. I have relative-perfect pitch, which helps, and quite strong musical aural skills. I can make up a harmony in my head within seconds and sing it after hearing a brand new song/melody only once. I've performed harmonies in choirs/choruses all my life, composed many original songs and musical pieces with four-part (or more-part) harmony, and sung harmonies in a quartet group at weddings. Harmony is my absolute uncontested passion.

3) I'm a huge emetophobe (fear of vomit). Just the sight or smell of barf, or hearing someone barfing, can send me running a mile away. I'm suspecting an incident from my childhood to be the source of the trauma (I saw my dad throwing up right in front of my face, and being such a little kid, I was pretty horrified by it at the time).

4) One of my worst habits is cracking my joints, I think. I crack my knuckles more than anything, but I give my other joints their share, too. I tend to freak people out a bit when I crack my back or my toes or knees, but it's become such a habit that I get stiff and sore if I don't do it. Luckily for me, so far, I haven't figured out a way to physically crack my neck or shoulders or wrists yet, otherwise I'd be cracking them too.

5) Fandom-related: this might be kind of weird, considering everyone loves them, but I'm one of the very small portion of fandom who doesn't like PWPs. If there's a sex scene in a piece of writing, it has to be attached to some kind of plot (which can easily be done even in a one-shot), otherwise I end up not enjoying reading it, period. I know that's probably really strange... I might be the only one, I don't know. There are, of course, a few PWP gems out there that I'll like, but the majority of the time I can't be satisfied without a storyline.

6) I'm actually quite aggressive (in terms of temperament) in real life, despite the fact that I don't seem like I behave like that online. I have an extremely short temper; I'm also the kind of person who will actually cuss/use profanity towards customers in full view of my colleagues without batting an eyelash, if said customers are being stupid (as customers usually are) and pissing the hell out of me. My supervisors have received SO many complaints about my rudeness, although I haven't been fired yet because they all agree that customers suck, too. XD

7) I've had my driver's licence for just over a year now, and - believe it or not - I still haven't driven on my own even once. My parents are really uptight about me using their car; if I drive their car, I have to be accompanied by one of them, because they think that otherwise I'll crash it. They say that I can drive on my own once I have my own car (they don't care if I crash my own car - they just care if I crash theirs XD), although I can't afford one yet. :/

I'm supposed to tag seven people, right? Hmm, so I'll tag mara_202, burnfor, reverseorder, smangosbubbles, sivullinen, firescribble, and cobaltcrafter. *Trying to choose people who haven't been tagged yet*

That's it, for now. I luff all of you guys - anyone who's reading this - all my fandom mates. And Silver, and Ray, and any other RL buddy who reads these entries. If I don't get Internet access while I'm overseas, I'll see you all in three weeks' time.

Ciao ^_~

- Harmony
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