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Christmas Card Post! (Finally)

Hi all!

Sorry about the delay in making this post. Being last minute is my forte ^^''

This is the first year that I'm sending out Christmas cards, so I'm excited!

If you'd like one, please include your address in a comment or an email!!

Death Note Christmas Cards

Getting into the Christmas spirit, I decided to make a few cards of my own. There are 5 with Death Note designs, drawn by moi (and getting printed tomorrow). I'd be super super happy if I can send a few out, so that I know that my efforts aren't totally wasted, hehe.

Here are the 5 designs you can choose from (linked to my dA account):

1) Happy Christmas! L & Light
2) Raito the Red-Nosed Reindeer
3) Santa L
4) Three Wise Men
5) Bon-bon

If you'd like a DN card, please specify as such, as well as which design you'd prefer, otherwise I'll just select a random.

I'll be posting the cards every day in the next week and half. Apologies if they come late >.<

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