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Happy Halloween =)

I'm so bad. This whole day I'm supposed to do assessments that are due on Friday. But instead, I've been wasting my time doing art.

Then I updated my desktop wallpaper for the first time since I've gotten this comp (which is what, 3 years?). So it's all nice and spiffy but I'm not used to it yet :)

Art and vector designs do not belong to me. I grabbed them off the net. For personal uses only (but if you're the artist and you want me to remove, then let me know!).

Not to mention I woke up at around 11, and had cake and chocolates for breakfast =S

Anyway, getting on topic, I bring some art :)

Uh, not my best work haha. Did it spur of the moment. Got reminded of Duo from GW ^_^ So sorry for crappiness of art, but the intention's there xD

Yes, I'm in the Death Note faze. Happy birthday to L - my favourite character from the series (who is voiced by one of the most talented seiyuus).

Not too happy with the outcome though, but this was pretty rushed. I might recolour it one day when I can be bothered ... ... who am I kidding? And reference was used loosely :)

Uni's over for me in a week, meaning I have more spare time. Would anyone like to request some art? I need some practice, and looking for some inspiration.

The quality will probably range from dodgy sketches to rendered pics, depending on the subject and what I can work with.

If anyone wants to check out my devArt account to see other stuff that I do (that's not the rushed and dodgy art above), then please click linky HERE :)

Fandoms: Bleach, One Piece, Death Note, Gravitation, Ouran, Gundam Wing.

No NC-17 pics please >.<

Sorry for babbling on for so long >_<

~ Silver

Edit: Cross-posted to kurosaki_clinic, dn_yaoi and rxl_fans.
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