March 25th, 2015


Fanfic: Stages Of Trompe-l'oeil

This will probably end up going on record as the oneshot that's taken me the longest to write. Bit by bit for over a month. Holy moly. I'm so glad it's done!

Title: Stages Of Trompe-l'oeil
Author: Harmony (Silver Harmony)
Characters/Pairing: Miyuki x Sawamura
Rating: M
Word Count: Approximately 15,524.
Disclaimer: Not mine, otherwise this pairing would be canon.
Feedback: Very much appreciated, as I need it to improve. Thank you!
Notes: Has scenes involving/mentioning mutual masturbation and sex, but they're pretty mild, hence the light rating.
Summary: He always passes by that unusual deep red bird and finds himself vaguely wondering, in a distant thought, if he’s giving only an illusion of himself. (Set two years post-Seidō - i.e. a few short years in the future, in which they're attending university).

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