October 8th, 2012


Ermahgerd, Turchwad

Sorry I haven't been updating much. Most of you who are on my f-list have me on Twitter though, which I'm on daily, so at least you know how I'm going just from reading my tweets there. XD

Did a Torchwood photoshoot a few months ago - I cosplayed as Tosh and we had a full group. Yep, this is another super-late picspam :/

But hooray for British TV shows! First time cosplaying from one. About time too, since I'm so addicted to them, and to the Doctor Who / Torchwood universe in general.

Thanks rayfy_chan for this photo!

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My life feels pretty much complete having done not only this photoshoot but a Silent Hill cosplay photoshoot as well, for which we also managed to gather together a full group. Two fandoms I've been more attached to in the last couple of years than anything else! The Silent Hill picspam will be coming next. :)

~ Harmony