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Silver Harmony
May 21st, 2012 
All previous Vocaloid cosplays can be found here.

I haven't really been posting many entries here because everything in my life's been pretty dull and not worth posting/reading XD but at least I've done a few shoots since the last entry so I can finally start picspamming here again. Sort of.

One of them is a super-cute Vocaloid PV called Futari No Harmony (eng. title Twosome Harmony), which I've loved for ages, so it was a pleasure to shoot this <3

Thanks rayfy_chan for the photography!

Futari No Harmony PhotoshootCollapse )

EDIT 21 OCTOBER 2012: Decided to edit this entry to include a photoshoot from August, since I didn't feel like making a new entry for it lol. Senbonzakura group shoot go ~

Thanks rayfy_chan for the photography!

Senbonzakura PhotoshootCollapse )

Haven't got any more Vocaloid shoots planned yet but keep an eye out - might get some more in soon!

~ Harmony
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