February 6th, 2012

Meiko Kaito

New Cosplay Tumblr + WorldCosplay


I noticed recently that the username "silverharmony" finally got freed up on Tumblr (someone else was using it before). So naturally, I quickly made a grab for it xD yay!


A number of you are already following me on my current Tumblr (account name "harmonization"). As of now please consider "harmonization" as my personal/fandom Tumblr, and "silverharmony" as my cosplay Tumblr.

From now on, I'll be posting my cosplay-related stuff on the "silverharmony" one so I can separate it from the fandom spam I normally do on the "harmonization" account. I'm going to start uploading a small number of old favorites first (and what better to start with than some Eyeshield 21?), and then most/all of the newer and newest ones.

I know that a few people from deviantART as well as here on LJ followed me on "harmonization" already, so if you originally preferred to see only cosplay posts instead of my fandom/personal posts and reblogs, you're most welcome to follow me on the new account and unfollow me on the old one if you wish :) or if you're happy to follow both, you're obviously most welcome to too XD


I made this account when the site first started up but I never uploaded anything on it because I was so lazy lol. I just started uploading stuff onto it today and hopefully I'll get into the habit of uploading over there.


Will follow my friends back, so please either follow me or let me know what your account is so I can follow you?

Love to you all, hope you're doing well.


~ Harmony