November 23rd, 2011


One Piece Shabondy / Sabaody Picspam

This is so, so late. Really sorry DX we did this photoshoot the day after Animania (where we actually wore these cosplays), which was a couple of months ago lol.

Thanks Quake for these photos!

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A very special thank you to my group - this was one of the most fun cosplay groups I've ever been invited to be a part of!

After this I'll post a Brisnova aftermath entry, which is also late (sorry :P).

~ Harmony

Fashion Shoot + Brisnova Aftermath

Two entries in one day, woah. But I thought it was time. I've been writing and posting so much fanfiction in the last 2 months that it was really time to start posting photoshoots again :)

The latest shoot that I've gotten the photos back for is actually not a cosplay, but a fashion shoot, with lolita-inspired outfits designed and made by the lovely mis_v (thanks for asking me to be your model darling! It was an honor to wear your gorgeous collection in front of the camera). This is actually my first time modelling someone else's work, instead of my own ... it's a good learning experience and actually has a different feel from modelling the cosplays I've made myself.

Thank you rayfy_chan for your lovely photography!

The only three photos I'll post here because unfortunately I look derpy in all the other shots. Haha.

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~ Harmony