May 21st, 2011


:/ at how the art theft was handled ...

Two entries in two days! I'm on a roll lol. The week before our PoT shoot, I did a very quick shoot with the lovely breathless_ness for Vocaloid, siGrE version. It's one of my personal favorite Vocaloid songs & Jill was very handsome so it was great to shoot this with her ^^

Myself as Meiko | breathless_ness as Kaito.
Thanks rayfy_chan for the beautiful photography!

Concern about the resolution for the art theft ... :/

I really need to vent about this. And it's probably better if I didn't do it on dA since I'm giving them shifty eyes lol.

As most of you who follow my Twitter & deviantART know, I discovered yesterday that my cosplay photos were stolen. Someone uploaded my photos to their own account claiming they were me and that they had made the costumes. I got heaps of support for this and lots of people helped me send through an abuse report, but I'm not sure I feel entirely settled with deviantART's resolution for this ><

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~ Harmony