January 24th, 2011


BL Picspam - Antique Bakery & OtRFK

Previous BL cosplays: Gakuen Heaven

Another double cosplay photoshoot picspam in one entry, but this time it isn't Vocaloid - it's BL fandoms! Considering what a massive BL fanatic I am (most of you know this already), it's a shame that I don't do more BL cosplay - or crossplay in general, really.

We shot both of these on Boxing Day, so it was our last cosplays of the year (along with a Starry Sky shoot that I helped take photos for). These are very special because I adore both of these fandoms; OtRFK in particular has a special place in my heart as it's been one of my most loved BL series and one of my dream cosplays pretty much ever since the moment I read it. So it was great to get some fanservice goin'.

Thanks to Bubby for the above two photographs!

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I definitely want to do more BL series in the near future, hopefully during this year, but we'll have to see as I haven't actually got any specifically planned yet 8D;; orz but in the meantime, there will be more Vocaloid coming up in the next few weeks so hope you'll stay tuned!

~ Harmony