November 21st, 2010


Happy Anniversary (of The Shoot of Doom) XD

EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO TODAY was the infamous Espada photoshoot that killed us all (read: we shot in a desert in our attempt to emulate Hueco Mundo, which was a VERY bad idea in the summer heat orz). We've only just now managed to do a reshoot of both uniforms and casual versions in a Las Noches setting instead, i.e. not risking our own lives haha. HAPPY(? XD) FIRST ANNIVERSARY!

Less than half of the original Espada group could make it to the reshoot :( but that didn't stop us - and good thing too, because we got some beautiful shots as well as cracky ones and feel so accomplished now XD

(Lol this one's for you ravient)

Thanks to Bubby for the above two photographs!

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Silver and I also did a shoot at dawn yesterday for something rather lulzworthy >_>;; it was very quick so there won't be many shots at all, but we'll most likely post them up once they're all done ;D so watch out for that I guess! <3

~ Harmony