October 26th, 2010

Academy Trio

Drabble Request Post, Fandom Ramble + Cosplay Stuff

So, uh. I haven't written anything in a very very long time and was hoping to get my brain juices flowing again, especially when I'm taking a break from sewing :'D

If you see this (I prefer if you're a mutual friend though, so I know the person I'm writing for), feel free to request a ficlet/drabble from me; it will really help me get back into writing :D Copypasta from last drabble offers (which was almost 2 years ago OTL):

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Super-Late Sydmania Talk + Upcoming Cosplays

This is soooooooooo late but just a general copypasta from dA for those who don't follow me on there. XD It was my 5th Animania this year, and while it was still a pretty busy time it was thankfully not nearly as hectic as all the previous years (preparing for my cosplay in the morning was a nightmare and everything that could've gone wrong went wrong T__T but apart from that, the con itself was relatively drama-free). This was partly attributed to my replacement costume plan from something so embellished to something so simple in comparison ~

This, basically. Thank you to my beautiful Luka itakoaya for inviting me to be your Meiko ^^

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~ Harmony