September 1st, 2010


Picspam of Recent Vocaloid Shoots

Previous Vocaloid cosplays: Normal & Beach versions | Synchronicity & Sandplay versions

Yet again, another double cosplay photoshoot post in one entry, since this is late XD I might do the same for Conchita once the shoot's done and Spice once the photos are sorted, too.

Here's the shots from Tsugai Kogarashi shoot just under a month ago and the Alice Human Sacrifice mini-shoot at Manifest 2 weeks ago. There was a bit of drama associated with both but I won't write it again here, I've already ranted about it here and here XD

Thanks to Bubby and chisathechi respectively for the above two photographs!

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With all the cons in the last few weeks and one more coming up, I'm quite physically and mentally exhausted ... can't wait for a break. As mentioned though, I'm waiting on photos from the recent Spice! shoot and Conchita shoot will be coming in a few weeks so I'll be able to post them up ^^

Lol so much Vocaloid ... someone find me another fandom to get obsessed over orz.

~ Harmony