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Silver Harmony
August 25th, 2010 
The week leading up to Manifest was worthy of a novel. I didn't sleep, had an accident which left me with a tiny bone fracture, disbanded the Trinity Blood group (for those who don't follow dA, yeah, the group's not happening anymore), rushed a costume which wasn't even mine, and had my womantiems start the day right before the con. T__T

But in the end, I guess everything turned out alright, although there were a lot of hilarious (and not-so-hilarious) disasters leading up to it:

Our Vocaloid group playing dead at the con xD

Friday: Arrival in MelbourneCollapse )

Saturday: Manifest Day 1Collapse )

Sunday: Manifest Day 2Collapse )

Monday: Tim Burton & Hellenic RepublicCollapse )

Tuesday: Shopping & HomeCollapse )

And next con up is Animania. Since I've disbanded the TB group, I now have nothing to cosplay Dx suggestions? Ahh need to find something I can sew in 2 weeks. I would probably not go, except I have so many smexy people I want to see :(

~ Harmony
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