May 12th, 2010


Vocaloid Is Eating My Life Dx

Previous Vocaloid cosplays: Normal & Beach versions

Double cosplay post in the one entry, since this is embarrassingly super-late as it is Dx;; but here's another massive picspam, regardless.

So here we have Synchronicity and Sandplay photos in one go (I've been on this huge Vocaloid high and won't stop loving it for a while yet! ♥).

Thanks to Icie and moonblader respectively for the above two photographs!

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The funny thing is, this won't be the end of the insane cosplay period after all. The end of this month will see me & Silver's wtfbbq shoot - along with a mini-shoot with my lovely Horror-Daddy and Horror-Little Sis which I'm very much looking forward to ^^ And then it's time to slave away on sewing Trinity Blood orz"

I hope to cosplay more Vocaloid after that though ... the fandom is eating up my life right now ♥ (Conchita anyone?)

~ Harmony