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Silver Harmony
May 10th, 2010 
09:31 am - Because Shut Up.
It's kinda pathetic to write this report a month late for a photoshoot that was also like several months late DX orz" I'm sorry!

As I've written on dA, we recently had our seriously overdue Ishtar shoot, with an added lunarfish-of-the-bunny-ears who decided to join us at the last minute which was a lovely surprise <3 this was one of the easier costumes I've made, being simply a slightly-embellished potato sack and all, and the first time I've actually had to go darker instead of lighter for a cosplay (super-dark foundation is win ♥). I'm grateful that our Kaiba sunset_swish initially organized our full YGO group, although I'm not sure if we'll ever have a photoshoot with everyone (depends on them I guess).

The Pimpshtar.

And more Pimpshtar (+ bunny-wunny!Su).Collapse )

Vocaloid cosplay post & hopefully general life update post coming up soon <3 all these things are so long overdue ;A;

~ Harmony
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