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Silver Harmony
December 31st, 2009 

Thank you Icie for your beautiful photography!

Yeah. So as most of you can guess, I put my Sanada cap on for a second time, and attended a great photoshoot two days ago with my Rikkai family (thank you so much guys, especially Madara for organizing ♥ it was amazing). And unlike during SMASH, our Yukimura-buchou has returned to our ranks, meaning that WE HAD THE WHOLE RIKKAI TEAM THIS TIME ... yaaay! :'D

Go, go, RikkaidaiCollapse )

EDIT May 2011 I originally had progress pics for a Vocaloid costume here, but have since removed it due to issues with my cosplay photos being stolen lol >_>;;

In the meantime, Happy New Year in advance everyone ♥

~ Harmony
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