August 25th, 2009

Academy Trio

Puuuush me, and then just toooouuuch me

Back from Manifest, which was an awesome experience! I feel soooo relieved now (even though I accidentally ripped both of my Genkishi sleeves and have to remake them to take shots with itakoaya, my Sydney Byakuface) and it was incredibly fun to meet so many new people and take part in an interstate cosplay con.

We've heard a lot of bad things about Manifest in the past and came to the con anyway without expecting anything good really ... but we were surprised at how organized everything was (despite the comp running late, which happens I guess)

This isn't a con report, will write one later, but in the meantime:

- A huge thank you to cielrose and k_chan009, my Melbournian Byakuface & Mukuropants, for letting me & Hibari-kun join your amazing, amazing TYL KHR group. It's an incredible honor to cosplay with such wonderful, talented and awesomely kind/friendly/supportive people. It was so good to meet new cosplayers via the group too! I'm only sorry that I was a rather fail Gen-chan (I'm gonna fix up parts of my costume the next chance I get lol, I sewed it in too much of a hurry I think). It was, without a doubt, such a memorable experience. One day we should all cosplay together again!

- An equally huge thank you to my Espada family for joining the group, co-operating with such openness, being so friendly / easy to work with and DOING A KICKASS COSPLAY. It's unbelievable how pleasantly easy this group was for me to organize (especially with our Cirucci's help! ♥) and how amazing the results were. I couldn't have been more grateful to work with cosplayers like you; you've made this group totally unforgettable. And this might sound sappy but I feel a lot closer to all of you. Next up is the proper photoshoot in the sand dunes!

- And I can't forget Silver, who organized our Bakuman group (even though our plane was delayed and everyone except our Mashiro only got to wear the cosplay for like, one hour :P) and rayfy, both of whom have been real helpful and supportive over the weekend. I feel like my cosplays (and my HOLIDAYS) aren't complete without you guys. :D Thanks for always being ready to help, giving me advice & opinions, and for making this holiday so fun and enjoyable! I can't wait for my next holiday and my next cosplay with you guys.

BY THE WAY, before I end this entry, I need to tell everyone that I lost my cellphone at the con - either that, or it was stolen :( I'm waiting to hear from con staff as to whether or not they found it, so that hopefully I can ask them to send it to me. However, I may need to buy a new phone if they don't find it - meaning my number will change and I'll have to update all my contacts again. Be warned! D:

Stay tuned, guys! Proper con report coming once we get our hands on some good photographs. ♥

~ Harmony