July 16th, 2009


I'm back! Party updates and random stuff.

Back from Japan on Tuesday, and although we've only been there for 2 weeks it felt more like 2 months. I've missed you, flist, hope you've all been well ^_^ Certainly have been missing out on some fun meet ups from what I've heard =P

Okay, first and most importantly:

Instead of dinner, we will be having lunch instead. It will be at the same restaurant (Red Chilli SiChuan), but lunch will be cheaper. Afterwards, we can go get some yummy dessert and just hang for a bit :)

So updated details of the meeting:

When: Sunday 19th July, 10:30am - about 4pm.
Where: Darling Harbour, Chinese Gardens, just outside the entrance. Then lunch at around 1:30pm at Red Chilli SiChuan in Chinatown followed by dessert.
Dress: Chinese Theme.
Bring: Your wonderful selves ^_^
People Attending: HERE!

Apologies for making changes to the party so late. We hope we haven't caused any inconvenience >_< We're really excited to see you all there :D

Onto other probably less interesting news, I just started working on my blazer for Gakuen Heaven today. Hurray \o/!! Will be going to Harmony's place on Friday so I can get help on the tie and other stuff =)

On the other hand, I still need to start on SMASH! stuff. So screwed for it ;_; My table will be empty at the rate I'm going... Does anyone know where I can get those round ball keychain thingies that you can adjust the length of?

And since it's past midnight already ... today will be a good day, and not just because HP is out ;D

<3 Silver