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Silver Harmony
July 14th, 2009 
05:22 am - Random update xD
Gods, it's almost 5:30am and I can't get back to sleep OTL. Thought I may as well work on my Rikkai while I'm awake, even though I feel a little bit groggy =_= (It's almost a whole month away but I'm so stupidly excited about our Rikkai group that it's ridiculous xDD)

Apart from that ...

GAKUEN HEAVEN GROUP - I'm sure that almost all of you know this already from Twitter, but we'll have the shoot at Bubble's school (Tara), which is a short bus ride away from Epping station. Bubble was nice enough to take photos of her school for us, which you can find here (she told us the password on Twitter, if you want to see the photos just ask and I can give it to you). I'll post about the meetup time etc. later.

Recent epic meetups under the cut :DCollapse )

Random Updates

- Silver's coming home from Japan today! ^_^ When we're at her party this weekend I'll force her to tell us all sorts of stories about what she did.

- I'm not sure I'll do Lenalee for Silver/Ray's party anymore :( Unfortunately I don't think I can do it in time, because I'm anal and that makes my sewing 20x slower than everyone else. Sorry t_twisted! I think I might recycle my Syaoran Li Card Captor Sakura costume, since he's Chinese and I never got proper shots of that costume. LOL I'm cosplaying a ten-year-old boy wtf.

- I finished my Gakuen Heaven! It took me longer to sew than it should've, but it's done. I tried on my entire Gakuen ensemble when I got home from Kaiya's today and it was fabulously ghey. Sooo not used to being blond though, lawl.

- Kaiya & I discovered that we're kind of intrigued with shipping the Ishtars. Which is hilarious because we were the Ishtars (Marik yelling "SISTEEEEEEEEER!! D8" at Ishizu in the anime was the best. It was so retarded xDD). We both kind of ship Niwa/Kazuki too, which is just as funny because we're cosplaying them, as well ...

... Can't wait until we take some more lovely brother/sister shots! Waiting to hear from shaz_ashuri about her photoshoot meetup details so we can do that. We already took some at the bus stop during Supanova where Marik had his arm around Ishizu just as a casual brotherly thing and it was sooooooooooooooo sweet D: <33 I have to get those photos off Jyo lol.


~ Harmony
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