July 4th, 2009

China Girl

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I'm posting this entry on Silver's behalf because she's currently on vacation in Japan. Silver & Ray's birthdays are about one week apart in mid-July and they decided to hold a joint party which has now been confirmed to be SUNDAY, JULY 19. Please keep this date free 'coz they'd like you to come! After all, they have to celebrate getting old :P

We're aware that some people are on our flist, but not on Ray's, which is why I'm linking you there now. ANYONE FROM OUR FLIST OR HIS FLIST IS INVITED. Please go to his entry (linked above) and RSVP with him, and tell him what you're cosplaying / wearing (if you've decided what you're doing :D). If possible please friend him for future updates on the party ^_^

They're hoping you will come and celebrate with them, so hope to see you there!

~ Harmony