April 29th, 2009



Hello my darlings 8D

Material-shopping is on ~ the main purpose is for the Gakuen Heaven group and Oujou White Knights group (and Ray lol) to get all our materials together, but if anyone else wants to tag along to buy stuff for their own costumes as well, just poke us :D

Now that I've gotten a response from everyone that I sent an email around to, I can safely say that the best day for everyone would be Sunday, May 17. I hope 10am (requested by glorfindel) is an okay time to meet up, otherwise feel free to let us know.

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Everyone from our Saturday Animania group: this might actually be a good opportunity to get your stuff too :D

I'm writing this entry so that everyone can see everyone else's responses / opinions, because I noticed that many of you don't like using the Reply All button in email XD so please do comment and tell us: is this all okay? 8D

~ Harmony

PS: Our Gakuen Heaven group has the 10 key figures! 8'D ILU guys so much.
PPS: I'm really active on Twitter now, and so are so many lovely people on our flist \o/ add me please? ~