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Silver Harmony
April 13th, 2009 

A handful of you may know already that some of us have got a Gakuen Heaven cosplay group in the works - we're planning to have a photoshoot sometime in mid-July (which means it'll take place sometime in between Sydney Supanova and SMASH). This can be changed depending on everyone's availabilities though.

We'd like to invite any of our beloved flist / cosplay buddies to join us! :D It's one of the loveliest BL anime out there. The uniforms are easy, can be sewn in a night for those of you with fast hands:

Taken / untaken characters + where to download ...Collapse )

We'd love to fill the gaping holes in our characters so if you like some good ol' slash, or like the series/game or the characters, please cosplay with us! Looking forward to hearing from you ♥

~ Silver & Harmony

PS: Yeah, you can bet that the two of us are so doing this epic seedy shot. ROFL.
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