March 2nd, 2009


Lol I Need To Sew X_X


Please take note that the meeting time has been changed to 11AM at Kino! I got a request from Bubble to make the meeting time earlier because some people were leaving super-early.

We've also changed the restaurant to Fujiya. Pepper Lunch was a bit unreliable in the booking-of-tables department, so we thought it'd be better not to risk it. Sorry about all this.

And again, whoever's coming who needs my number and doesn't have it, let me know so I can give it to you.


Silver's coming back in 2/3 days :) This'll be my last entry before she comes back so if you'd like to write a welcome back message for her, feel free to comment here. I know it'll make her feel loved. ;D

(NOTE: Lol for the most recent additions to my f-list who haven't read my profile, Silver's the 'other half' of this LJ ... we share this LJ account together - hence our username. She's been in China the past couple of months, where there's no access to LJ because it's blocked there. For the past few months, it's Harmony you've been talking to XD haha).

In Other News

In the midst of our Bando Spiders Trio 'preparations' --

Madara Akaba-kun poledancing in a KHR shirt is win. <333

Speaking of which, thank you SO MUCH Madara and Nadleeh for inviting me to your lovely home ♥♥ your parents are really nice, your houses are beautiful and your dog is soooo ridiculously cute >3< OUR EPIC BAKING SKILLS ARE EPIC! And thank you so much for the pleather, the buckle and the fabric swatches, and for driving me *__* You didn't need to all that for me; I have so much gratitude to you both.

Birthday outing coming up this Saturday! Yay.

~ Harmony