February 22nd, 2009

Bando Spiders


Uninteresting RL update: hard jobhunting is hard. D: But I have two interviews coming up this Monday and Wednesday ... here's hoping I'll have luck ~

Yay I ordered my wig for Bando Spiders cosplay! 8D Can't wait until I get it in the mail. Must experiment and follow the lovely Tsubaki's epic mini-tutorial on making eyebrows a light color ♥

asdfhlks this'll be my first time cosplaying a character with light hair D: I have a rather dark skin tone so I normally cosplay characters with dark hair (contrast reduction). I hope it'll turn out okay <33


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If you've got a "maybe" next to your name could you please check your availabilities and get back to me ASAP so that I can book the seats for the restaurant? :) Much appreciated ~

And one more thing - please tell me what you'll all be cosplaying? (If it's a surprise or a secret, feel free to say so). So I can write a comprehensive list and Silver was paranoid that someone would double as her, so she wants me to tell her what other people are going as XD

ILU EVERYONE <3 Looking forward to seeing you all again!

~ Harmony

PS: Anyone who's coming who needs my number and doesn't have it yet, please let me know so I can give it to you :)