January 11th, 2009


While I'm taking a break from phail wig-dyeing ...

Prettiful Art <3 (And Make A Request!)

Check out the super-gorgeous Allen/Kanda art arrankaara gave me!!! ASDFAK;SL THANK YOU I LUFF YOU SO MUCH DARLING ~ I've been craving this pairing recently. Probably a side-effect of the lack of new DGM around.

(Speaking of which, hey ravient, do an epic phail shoot with me when you and Silver get back? *Waggles eyebrows* :P I plan on cutting my long long hair short afterwards.)

Anyway, after getting such pretty art, I'm spreading the love (and trying to cure my writer's block. I think it's been a while since I wrote stuff, and I'm getting rusty, so I do need the practice):

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Because I'm A Loser

I can't believe I've finished like half my costume for Supanova '09. It's like, in more than half a year for crying out loud -_-;;

I think it half-came from me learning my lesson from Mini Animania '08, when I stayed up ALL NIGHT AND MORNING sewing my Matt (Death Note) costume and practically died during the convention. So then I was like, "To avoid that happening again, whenever I'm in a sewing mood throughout the year, I'll just sew a bit of one of my costumes!! 8D". So yeah, I've got like, all the wigs I need for all my planned cosplays for this year, almost all the fabric, and have at least 3 costumes already started with one half-done ...

I think I might need a life. :P

~ Harmony