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Silver Harmony
January 2nd, 2009 

Hope 2009 is a prosperous and happy year for you all ♥ Sorry I haven't been commenting much recently, it's been hectic over here. How did you all spend your Christmas / New Years' Eve / New Years' Day? Tell your Harmony everything. Tell me interesting stories, I want to hear them all. :D

My uneventful New Years' Eve ...Collapse )

Main 2009 Resolution is to lose weight. *__* How can I cosplay with this jelleh belleh?

And Speaking Of Cosplay

Our Espada / Hueco Mundo group has grown a little bit recently. :D But we still want you to join us (even if it's just for the photoshoot if you're not coming to Manifest, or if your Manifest slot is already filled up), flist! Come on, who wants to be part of our cosplay? ^^ ♥

Silver as Luppi
Harmony as Neliel
rayfy as Ulquiorra
ravient as Szayel
rinne_chan as Halibel
t8_steve as Grimmjow
Sutra as Aaroniero
hehalana as Cirucci

bubblefire as HuecoMundo!Orihime
kaiya02 as Bankai Ichigo (TBC)

tux_masaki as HuecoMundo!Aizen (TBC)

Looking for: any other untaken Espada (e.g. Nnoitra, Stark etc); anyone else who fits well with the Espada (Arrancar etc).


Steve, remember to pester Anthony? I'm itching to get rid of that "TBC" next to his name haha. And I wanna hear more of your ideas for the photoshoot :D

athira, do you know if your sister was still interested in joining us? We'd love to have her <333 SORTED YAYYYYY

*Crickets chirping*

Silver's probably having a fun time in China. For those of you who don't know, she won't be back until March-ish, so unless she posts while she's over there, you're stuck with me for a while, flist. Hurr hurrrrr.

~ Harmony
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