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Silver Harmony
December 22nd, 2008 
Thanks glorfindel for organising the awesome cosplay picnic! It was great fun, and we really enjoyed ourselves. It was nice to meet everyone again, as well as meet new people ^_^

Unfortunately, Silver was a great ditz and many of her photos turned out less than pleasing T_T She will learn and practice, and will definitely not let the cosplayers down next time!! Here are the few that she kinda salvaged.

We cosplayed One Piece again; rayfy went as Christmas-version Luffy (LOL), Silver went as Christmas-and-humanoid-version Chopper, and Harmony cosplayed Nico Robin again but in the white coat version this time.

Photos!Collapse )

Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

~ Silver & Harmony

PS: Btw Meisters - rayfy said he wants to do Hong Long ;D Successssss
PPS: LOL rinne_chan have you read the latest Bleach chapter? XD Haha wish we could see you do this in your Halibel getup!
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