November 2nd, 2008


Halloween Cosplay Outing

Thank you to everyone who came to the Halloween dinner outing ^_^ The two of us had so much fun and were so ecstatic to see all of you awesome people again!! Everyone also came in epic, epic cosplay, and we were so impressed, as usual. *Hugs* We love you so much, you gorgeous people.

Despite the rather annoying restaurant staff and the old guy who rudely shooed us from the sticker picture place, we truly enjoyed ourselves simply because of the company <3

The two of us cosplayed as D.Gray-Man (training outfits version) - Silver cosplayed as Lavi; Harmony cosplayed as Kanda Yuu.

Upon arrival (sorry we came late - we blame peak-hour traffic) with our sparkly lolly bags.

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Overall the whole day was really fun, and we're so grateful to everyone for coming. This is our second non-convention cosplay outing and we weren't disappointed in the least <3333 It was just super-awesome and we hope to meet up with all of you again real soon.

... Someone please tell us that there's something on for Christmas. ;D Hint hint.

~ Silver & Harmony