October 15th, 2008


KHR Picnic Photospam (a million years late) + Halloween Reminder

Yeah, so as you can tell, this photospam is fully late XD and also courtesy of rayfy, who was the awesome photographer of these shots. Posting up these photos means that us two girls actually have photos to post, and also save Ray time from making a post of his own, as he said :P

This was such an epic picnic and we've never been to a non-convention cosplay outing before, so we had enormous fun. Thank you everyone!!

Since everyone and their mother's written a report already, we'll skip straight to the photos (which perhaps you'll be glad for XD)

Much crack ~

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For those of you who are attending the outing, we forgot to mention: would you mind bringing enough money for food etc? As much as the two of us would like to shout you all, we'd be dressed in rags by the following week if we did XD sorreh.

~ Silver & Harmony