September 15th, 2008


Bleach Fanart ^.^

Fanart to 'reward' myself for doing a bit of homework =)

Byakuya for gogo_ergo_sum, and Shuuhei for calm_isolation. Sorry it took so long, and they're more rough sketches than anything else ^^;;

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For the other people who had requests a few weeks ago ... I haven't forgotten, they're coming along ... slowly...

Talking about slow, I managed to exceed my download limit this month, so my internet's currently really slow ~_~. Bleh, no CG for me this week.

EDIT: Oh! And I almost forgot - ravient was kind enough to bring me a few Code Geass character fortunes from her trip to Japan ^^ I kept two and when I opened them they happened to be Lulu and Suzaku ^_^

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They're so cute >w< Thanks, Ravi!