August 24th, 2008


Animania 2008 with our EXTREME Reborn! Group

It's the time of the year again, and this year, Silver and Harmony were part of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! group that attended Animania in Sydney on Saturday. While we couldn't say much good about the new venue (you can read more about it below), it was enjoyable for meeting so many friendly (and familiar) faces and getting to chat and take pictures of the many cosplayers.

And of course, it was awesome fun to hang out with our group - we were lucky enough to win SECOND PLACE FOR BEST SKIT this year!! A step down from last year's gold medal win, but a silver medal ain't bad, either.

Brilliant job to the other members of our group, we're so proud of all of you. We managed despite our misfortunes onstage (not just our Ryohei's wig explosion - lol - but Harmony being sick made her dancing kind of disoriented too), and our measly (but intensive) two practice sessions. And through all the nervousness and anticipation, we pulled through!

We ended up with only one in-character full group shot, coz we were too busy taking crack photos instead lol. Hopefully once other photographers post their pics up, we'll be able to update this post with more in-character group pics ^_^

Thank you Bubby for this picture!

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Our Gokudera, ravient, also made an adjoining report - read it here!

We'll hopefully post up a video of our skit soon!

~ Silver & Harmony