August 19th, 2008


KHR sketch + junk

6 hours of uni killed me x_X I totally gave up trying to act like I'm listening to the tutors drone on (my class only has about 15 people, so it's very obvious), and decided to sketch instead.

This was meant to be an OC but somehow turned into TYL Yamamoto. Some parts are a bit weird, but I couldn't be bothered to fix it =S

Collapse )

Four more days to Animania. Need to do some last minute fix-ups to my vest, tonfas, wig and pom pom Hibird. And I still need to finalise the track for our skit >_<

I read through the scheduling for Animania this year, and decided that none of the panels/events really appealed to me, which is a little disappointing. I guess I'll just be visiting the stalls, and going around taking pics of the cosplayers =D Hope to see a lot of our flist there ^___^

And, I know this is late news, but the news about Liu Xiang made me T_T last night.

Then I watched CG 19. Which made me even more T_T.

Last but not least, does anyone have any art requests? I feel like procrastinating on uni work practicing. Bleach, KHR, Death Note, One Piece, Code Geass, any singles or pairings (no group pics please or I diiie). I'll be taking 5 requests for now ^_^ Thank you!!

~ Silver

Request List Edit:
Shamal for souseki_naora
Squalo for ladyofcarribean
Shuuhei for calm_isolation
6918 for ravient
Byakuya for gogo_ergo_sum