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Silver Harmony
August 7th, 2008 
10:43 pm - Random Gift Art!
After suffering 3 hours at uni which bored the heck outta me, I came home inspired to doodle ... however I lacked subject and inspiration. So I thought I'd draw some pics as random gifts to some of our flist ^_^ All rated G, so it's safe. Hope you like!!

8059 for RAVIENTCollapse )

8018 for SOUSEKI_NAORACollapse )

1827 for HARMONYCollapse )

Kira for CEESTARCollapse )

Rolo for GLORFINDELCollapse )

Light for THEPREROGATIVECollapse )

Xanxus/Squalo for LADYOFCARRIBEANCollapse )

I wanted to draw one for theprerogative too but I don't know what you like, except for PoT, which I haven't watched T_T Please request something and I'll draw it for yooou ^_^

And if anyone else would like to request something I'd be happy make a doodle for you too! However I can't promise you when I'll be able to complete it, so you might be a bit of a wait >_< I am the champion of laziness.

Anyway, thanks for viewing =)

~ Silver

Edit 13 Aug 08: Xanxus/Squalo pic.

Also on my devArt page ^_^

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