January 31st, 2008


Random Stuff (and Fandom Stuff)

Harmony here - just making the most of my last entry before I go on my three-week holiday overseas. The 14-hour flight leaves tomorrow morning, Sydney time. I hope I'll have Internet access while I'm overseas so that I can still catch up on everyone's entries...

Just three things, for now. :)

1 -> Yeah, I know this screencap is like a week late, but I can't possibly have been the only one who squeed at the blatant Allen/Kanda lovin' in episode 67's omake:

Collapse )

2 -> I only found out recently that my Aizen/Hinamori was recced over at Fleeting Fancies! Yay. :) For an author like me who almost has no name and is in a pretty small corner of fandom, I consider something like that a huge achievement.

3 -> Got tagged by both perviepreistess and barukode for that meme that's been going around - the "Seven Habits/Quirks/Facts About Yourself" meme. Sorry I hadn't had a chance to do it until now :/

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I'm supposed to tag seven people, right? Hmm, so I'll tag mara_202, burnfor, reverseorder, smangosbubbles, sivullinen, firescribble, and cobaltcrafter. *Trying to choose people who haven't been tagged yet*

That's it, for now. I luff all of you guys - anyone who's reading this - all my fandom mates. And Silver, and Ray, and any other RL buddy who reads these entries. If I don't get Internet access while I'm overseas, I'll see you all in three weeks' time.

Ciao ^_~

- Harmony