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Silver Harmony
January 28th, 2008 
This may be my last piece of writing for the next few weeks (not that that means anything, considering I haven't had much of a muse recently x_X), since I'll be leaving in a few days to have a three weeks' holiday in the U.S. Heh, it's been a few years since the last time I left the sanctuary of Aussie.

This is mainly a Kira-centric fic, but there are some implied ShuuKira (and bits of one-sided GinKira, I suppose) moments in it. I sincerely hope you'll enjoy :)

Title: Sliver of Light
Author: Harmony (Silver Harmony)
Characters/Pairing: Kira-centric, blink-and-you'll-miss-it-ShuuKira
Rating: PG
Word Count: Approximately 2,545.
Disclaimer: Not mine, sadly.
Notes: Spoilers for SS Arc, as well as the Shinigami Academy omake chapter of the manga (Chapter -17). Also, FYI, the first few paragraphs of this fic have some reference from this segment of the omake.
Feedback: Very much appreciated, as I would like to write much better Bleach fics. Your concrits mean a lot to me, especially when it tells me what you think of the story and what I can do to improve. Please and thank you.
Summary: ‘Don’t falter,’ he whispered to himself uncertainly, sometimes.

Kira Izuru: Sliver of LightCollapse )
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