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Silver Harmony
October 31st, 2007 
I'm so bad. This whole day I'm supposed to do assessments that are due on Friday. But instead, I've been wasting my time doing art.

Then I updated my desktop wallpaper for the first time since I've gotten this comp (which is what, 3 years?). So it's all nice and spiffy but I'm not used to it yet :)

Silver's desktopCollapse )

Not to mention I woke up at around 11, and had cake and chocolates for breakfast =S

Anyway, getting on topic, I bring some art :)

Art: Ichigo HalloweenCollapse )

Art: Raito and LCollapse )

Uni's over for me in a week, meaning I have more spare time. Would anyone like to request some art? I need some practice, and looking for some inspiration.

The quality will probably range from dodgy sketches to rendered pics, depending on the subject and what I can work with.

If anyone wants to check out my devArt account to see other stuff that I do (that's not the rushed and dodgy art above), then please click linky HERE :)

Fandoms: Bleach, One Piece, Death Note, Gravitation, Ouran, Gundam Wing.

No NC-17 pics please >.<

Sorry for babbling on for so long >_<

~ Silver

Edit: Cross-posted to kurosaki_clinic, dn_yaoi and rxl_fans.
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