August 14th, 2007


Fanfic/Fanart: Utterly Spoiled (Hisagi/Kira)


In celebration of Hisagi Shuuhei's birthday, the two of us have collaborated on this fic-and-pic work dedicated to our most preferred pairing involving the Ninth Division lieutenant *biased*. ♥ It's an incredibly silly fanwork (just warning you now), but we hope we don't disappoint, nevertheless. ^^

As usual, Harmony wrote the fic, Silver did the art.

Shameless plug - Harmony's other fics on this pairing: Pieces | Breathing With Him, In Time | Etched | All Along | Sense of Normalcy | Feverish Burning | Divide | 12 Drabbles | Heartbeat | Stepping Stone

Hope you enjoy:

Title: Utterly Spoiled
Author: Harmony (Silver Harmony)
Artist: Silver (Silver Harmony)
Pairing: Hisagi Shuuhei/Kira Izuru.
Rating: PG
Word Count: Approximately 1,918.
Disclaimer: Not ours – otherwise this pairing would be canon.
Notes: Cross-posted to asterisk_plus, bleach_yaoi and kurosaki_clinic (EDIT: also to shuukira now). Also, Harmony would like to give special thanks to the wonderful antha_aryn for actually reminding her that Hisagi’s birthday was coming up. She loves you. Please don’t ever stop being her ShuuKira buddy.
Feedback: Very much appreciated by both of us.
Summary: As Silver so eloquently put it – Kira has too much money. XD

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