May 16th, 2007


Weekend of Joys and Sorrows

I've been depressed the last two days because my dad forgot to tape the Eurovision for me D: As I was busy both evenings of the weekend I told my dad to tape it for me, since he was so enthusiastic months ago to buy a DVD recorder and everything. He forgot the first night. So I told him off a bit and said to tape Sunday's Finals. But I have learned that my dad cannot be relied on to even record a tv program. Thus, I missed the Eurovision.

However on the Sunday night I went to my friend Jacky's birthday party. First time having HK bbq, and although I inhaled a lot of smoke, it was fun and the food tastes better coz you were the one to cook it. Yay ^^

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And seeing as PP lectures are so boring ...

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Ah, I'm in need of a good fic. Can anyone rec a good GW or Bleach fic? It would be much appreciated :D

~ Silver
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