May 6th, 2007


Toshiro/Ichigo Fanart :)

Apparently I'm meant to be practicing my Hitsugaya and Ichigo drawings, seeing as Harmony and I are planning to make a short doujinshi based around that pairing. So I decided to experiment my first Hitsugaya and Ichigo pic with Painter - the program I got just recently. Forgive me if I'm not that good yet ^_^

The Ichigo began at my boring boring boring PP lecture (I actually drew 2 Ichigos and one of them my friends turned into some sort of a drag queen ... ahem). The Hitsugaya I drew on another notebook. I then had to piece them together :)

Anyway, hope you like ^_^

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Thanks to Harmoneh for looking over it for me and making me resize my Ichigo until he's like, properly huge ^__^

Well, need to go get some food.
~ Silver =D

HARMONY'S EDIT: Cross-posted to the ichihitsu community. My gosh, I feel like I've fallen in love with my OTP even more after seeing this art. ♥ Silver is such an art genius.